Why Modernisation?

Did you know that for over 20 years the Notes platform alongside being focused on rapid application development but since it’s very beginning part of the install has been standard templates used to create applications for common business needs.   Not only are these templates free but their designs are open to be entirely customised to suit not just the features and functionality needed but the look of each application.

These templates include discussions, files for review, document library and of course the mail file.  I have multiple applications both at Turtle and our customers some of which date back to the early 90s and are still in current use. Over the years the designs have been automatically updated with each software update, however their original design, although tweaked, has remained essentially the same.  

HCL recognise that time doesn’t stand still and customer requirements can and do change, which is why they have sponsored this project to revitalise and re-engineer each template, using feedback and suggestions from customers to drive those improvements.

“This project will deliver templates with new looks that will work on platforms from phone to tablet, web to Notes client.”

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