The Team

Gabriella Davis


Gab has been recognised in the community as a Collaboration Solutions expert providing advice and support for customers and partners through personal interactions, her blog and presentations

Since 1996 her work has focused on the design, deployment and support of collaboration products,

Working directly with customers, has provided a very broad understanding of their evolving needs, with the ability to drive ideas through to delivery via precise planning, commitment and enthusiasm.

Felix Kalka

Lead Designer

Senior Design Manager | HCL Technologies

Development of consistent user experience principles and an overarching design system for the product line of Digital Solutions, including Notes, Portal, Verse and Connections, leading and growing a team of competent UX/UI designers.

Theo Heselmans

Lead Notes & Client Developer

Along with Gabriella Davis, he is a recipient of the IBM Lifetime Champion and HCL Grandmaster awards

Originator and organiser of the Engage User Group, he is well known and highly regarded in the community

Started working with Notes 3 in 1993, and has delighted a lot of customers, across all industries, with custom made applications, both for the Notes client and Web based

He audited many projects re. UI, as he’s obsessed in providing a perfect User Experience

His Wine-Tasting app was one of the first to embrace a tablet UI, and was show-cased alongside iDMA all over the world

Xceed has been a member of the Penumbra Group since 2011

Tim Davis

Lead Web & Mobile Developer

Working with Domino development since 1996 and more recently with modern web development frameworks including MEAN/MERN, Node and the angular and react frameworks.

Alongside his Domino work, recent projects include:

  • O365 development and integration using REST APIs
  • developing Electron desktop applications
  • extensive work applying Google Material Design approaches

Tim is an IBM Champion and HCL Master

Carl Tyler

Lead UI, Usability & Function Testing

Carl has been working with Notes since Version 1, when he started work for Lotus Development in the United Kingdom.

Carl held a number of positions at Lotus such as Worldwide Knowledge Management Enablement Manager and Notes R5 International Launch Manager (I AM/SuperHuman campaign).

Carl left IBM to create innovative Sametime Solutions, such as the first commercial chat archiving solution and Live Help web built on the Sametime.

Carl leads the consulting and development team at Epilio.

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