Next Up: Beta & Whitepaper

Next week at Engage in Arnhem, NL, we will be showing the template and we hope to make it available soon as a beta work in progress along with the technical documentation. The template will continue to be developed as work on Domino Designer v12 and Nomad continues, but this is our first functionally complete version that we can share, and encourage you to come to our session at 1.30pm on Tuesday so see it and hear details of the code and design behind some of the more challenging features.

All the code is written using Domino Designer 11 and uses standard Notes design approaches, for example throughout the system we have taken advantage of @Platform to detect what client is being used and modify the display accordingly. Our launch frameset has a computed formula so that it displays differently on iPhone vs tablet. On tablet we have more screen width, so we have the option to have both the search filter page and a preview pane present.

Discussions on iPhone

Discussions on Tablet

Stepping into the document itself, our challenge was presenting as much information as we could on screen without it being confusing or requiring too much user interaction. Below is a screenshot of a document - you can see we are providing a lot of feedback to the reader, including how many responses / comments exist, and if the document is favorited, helpful or tracked. Since most users with author rights would not have edit access to the documents they are looking at, we had to come up with a way of displaying the user-specific status (favorite, tracked) without editing the document.

I have a lot more to share and I look forward to you seeing the latest version if you’re at Engage, as well as sharing our code and design work with you. If you can’t make it to Engage I’ll have more news for you here in the coming weeks.

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