What Next?

As you can see from the previous post on this blog, it’s been a couple of months of silence. We haven’t been still though. We knew there were design changes in v11 that we were waiting for and that shipped on December 20th so we took the opportunity in November and December to do some usability testing and review the existing UI to bring it more in line with the v11 UI design work being done.

Our UI feedback identified that we needed to reposition some choices and redesign some icons so their roles were clearer. We have also been working on a UI that will deploy on both mobile and tablet whilst utilising the features of both such as the additional screen real estate on tablet.

We are currently working on redesign along with the UI team, the Domino Designer team and the Nomad team. With everyone trying to work alongside each other we are also leapfrogging over each other in order to deliver as quickly as possible. For example in v11 designer there are new options for mobile under shared actions. These include swipe right and swipe left options for mobile that can be set in Domino Designer but are not yet implemented in Nomad.

Our plan is to have a public beta hopefully in Q1 but as you can see there are many development and UI aspects that we are working with, and sometimes waiting for, so we can deliver the most complete solution. As we progress we’ll continue to have design questions for you that we can feed back to the teams including our next blog “Framesets and Sequencing”.

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