Update & What’s Next

Last week I presented our discussions template on a HCL webcast. You can see a replay of the webcast including a demonstration of the template on the cwp collaboration blog here . There is also a FAQ with answers to the questions that came up during the call.

We are currently working on documentation and finalising the testing before we can hopefully make a beta available to the wider community.

One of the things that I didn’t share on the call but would like to share now is a screenshot of the changes going into Domino Designer. The goals of the Template Experience project include working with the Nomad and Domino Designer teams to extend mobile functionality. As we developed we realised with no action bar available to us we needed the ability to map action items to common phone gestures such as swiping.

These settings aren’t yet there in the beta for v11 but below is a live screenshot showing how the settings are planned for an upcoming v11 release.

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