Join The Webinar and See Our Progress

The discussions template is now at a final feature stage - see some screenshots below. If you’d like to see what we’ve done and hear how the project has come together as well as get insights into the programming and design decisions we made along the way - sign up for the webinar below on October 15th.

The registration page is here so go register and we will speak to you on Tuesday.

How We Are Building A Notes Mobile Application For iOS - The Template Experience Project,
A team of Notes Developers, UI Designers and HCL Nomad development is working together to produce a discussions template that can be used as a single application or as pieces of code inserted into your own applications.  Working within the size limitations of a mobile screen has required us to be creative with the features we are adding.

In this webcast we’ll bring you up to date with the work completed on the discussions template for iOS mobile as well as discussing how we got here, what is coming next, how you can get involved and our hopes for additions to Domino Designer that will allow us to map mobile gestures and behavior to Notes applications.  “

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