Domino Designer Enhancements - The FAB

Many of you will have seen at user groups and webcasts this year the Nomad team showing the “FAB” or floating action button. A button on iPhone that automatically appears and has actions mapped to it so when you click on it they show as options.

The FAB would be positioned like this and would automatically appear if any actions were mapped to it (ignore the “shazam” icon!)

Creating and positioning the icon is something the Nomad team were able to do but then we moved onto discussing what actions are mapped to the icon. There are several options here but the primary limitation is that any changes to Domino Designer, including adding new checkboxes or options, would now be on the v12 timeframe and not v11. We are some way past the point of adding features to Domino Designer v11.

We need your input on our choices. We do not want to come up with a method of doing this only to change it completely on a later version. Essentially once we push out a way of developing we don’t want to break people’s apps by changing that approach later on.

Option 1. Works with v10+ of Domino Designer

The FAB is programmed to show all the actions selected as”show in action menu”

Action items can then be hidden from mobile via a new hide/when setting that is already in v10

This behaviour would require an “opt out” change as you would have to check “hide on Mobile” for any actions you explicitly wanted to hide or they would show by default under the FAB.


  • Uses a feature that already exists and people have already been using
  • Would not require any design changes to existing apps for the FAB to work
  • Ensures the FAB can be incorporated into the v10 and v11 timeframe


  • We are repurposing an existing feature beyond the original intent and so changing the logic of designer and expecting developers to know that. The most important actions usually appear on the action bar but this raises the visibility of the actions that are mapped to the actions menu
  • The Actions menu often contains actions that are either throwaway, admin focused or at least not meant to be seen by users. Although they can be hidden that would require someone checking the “hide on mobile” option in Designer
  • This will be how the FAB will be configured in all future versions. Once we commit to this design logic we can’t ask customers to go and re-design their apps again later.

Option 2 Deployed in v12 of Domino Designer

We introduce new mapping options including options for mapping additional gestures which we will want to have in the future. In the screenshot below the FAB is being referred to as the “Nomad Action Button”

This behaviour would require an “opt in” change. No action would appear under the FAB unless the relevant checkbox is selected. With no actions checked the FAB would not show.


  • We get specific and granular mapping options for each action as well as the ability to later add new gesture mappings
  • We don’t change the behaviour of the existing mapping options
  • We separate mobile design logic from Notes design logic


  • We won’t get the FAB until v12

As I’m sure you can imagine we have been discussing with the Nomad team several ideas of how to approach this however what we have come down to is a fairly binary choice between working with Designer as it is and extending Designer to add more specific mobile functionality.

  • We use the existing Designer options in v10 to map the FAB Nomad icon
  • We add new Designer options specifically for Nomad features like the FAB but they wouldn’t appear until the v12 timeframe

Please go to our survey here and provide your feedback

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