Helpful and Tracking Icons

Working on mobile phone presents a particular challenge in that we don’t have room to convey in words all the options so we need to use clear icons that are understandable. In the mobile discussion template we are introducing two new concepts, those of “helpful” and “tracking”

Helpful is a flag on a document where someone (anyone) has found it ‘helpful’. There is no count on number of “helpfuls” - if a document is helpful to anyone at all we would like it flagged as such.

Tracking is a personal flag where you might want to stay on top of comments and updates to a particular topic for a period of time, tracking will be a toggle - for instance press it once to enable tracking for one week, twice for one month , three times to track with no time limit.

On the survey below we want to show you some icon ideas that the design team at HCL have worked with us to produce. These are concepts and not final designs but we would like your feedback on their meaningfulness.

Please find the survey and the icons here

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