View Icon Behaviour - Survey

One of the ideas we are discussing - this refers to mobile phone (currently iPhone) only is making it simple for you to toggle between views. Bear in mind the screenshots below are wireframes not designs so the images, colours and layout are placeholders.

For example say we have three views

  • all documents
  • favourites (things I have personally favourited)
  • tracked (things I am tracking - such as a topic I am interested to see updates for)

Now one option would be to have icons for each of those views and have only the icons for the two views you aren’t looking at display for you to move to. For instance in the example below I am looking at the “all documents” view and so can see icons only for “favourites” (the star) and “tracked” (the paw).

However another option would be to continue to display the icon for the view you are now looking at but show it highlighted in some way (underlined in this example) as a visual cue for what you’re looking at. The concern here is that the value of the visual cue may be lost if it’s confusing to have an icon on screen that does nothing when you click on it (since you’ll already be in the view you are selecting).

Please click here to answer our single question survey that should take less than 1 minute

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