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One of the things we want to look at making more effective, especially on mobile devices, is getting you to the information you want as quickly as possible each time. To achieve that we need to understand how you work currently.

At the bottom of this blog is a link to a 2 minute, 10 question survey we’d appreciate you completing regarding your use of forums in general.

If we look at the current discussions template there are several ways you can find information, some of which seem to have conflicting uses.

  • Categories , which are set on a main topic and unchangeable on responses.
  • Interest profiles where you can set an “interest” for documents created with certain keywords in the subject or by certain people. Interest profiles can also be converted to “Subscriptions” so the information is pushed to you vs you coming to look for it.
  • Favorites where you can flag certain main topics so they appear in your “favorites” view
  • On top of this we have Domino’s search capabilities which are often the fastest way to locate information.

One of the challenges any application has is the limited real estate on mobile devices. Our goal is to present the information you are most interested in directly on screen when you first go into the application or a minimal number of clicks away regardless of client platform. We have several ideas for achieving that but first we would like to know more about how you find information in existing forums.

In this survey we welcome feedback regarding your use of forums or discussions in general.

Access the survey here:

If you would like to feedback directly please reach out to Gabriella Davis on twitter (@gabturtle) or to the team via your HCL Client Advocate.

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