Why Template Experience

Welcome to the template experience site. If you want to know what templates are or why we are changing them read on..

Since v1 of the Notes client part of the install has been standard templates used to create applications for common business needs.   Not only are these templates free but their designs are open to be entirely customized to suit not just the features and functionality needed but the look of each application.

These templates include discussions, files for review, document library and of course the mail file.  There are thousands of applications in place at customer sites based on them, some of which date back to the early 90s and are still in daily use. Over the years the templates have been automatically updated with each software release, however their original features and design, although tweaked, have remained essentially the same.  

HCL recognise that time doesn’t stand still and customer requirements can and do change, which is why they have sponsored this project to revitalize and re-engineer each template, using feedback and suggestions from customers to drive those improvements.

What are our goals for changing the templates?

  • survey the community to understand how each template is currently being used in order to prioritise functionality in each UI
  • break away from “one UI to fit all” with an appropriate v11 UI and feature set for each client (Notes, iDMA tablet, Web, iDMA Phone)
  • Provide product integration where useful 

Above is an example of the progression of the discussion template as seen on the iPhone through iDMA, from L-R - the standard v10 discussion template, a working template with a cleaner design and focused on the most used features and a possible future design. This was done as a proof of concept to illustrate the path we are pursuing.

As this project progresses we’ll be reaching out to the community on this site to get your feedback on features and ideas as well as launching a forum where you will be able to work live with the new templates once they are ready for public testing. We look forward to bringing you the best in design and functionality from the best single design multi platform technology on the market.

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