Why Template Experience

Welcome to the template experience site. If you want to know what templates are or why we are changing them read on.. Since v1 of the Notes client part of the install has been standard templates used to create applications for common business needs.   Not only are these templates free but their designs are open to... Continue Reading →

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The Beta Template

Well here we are at last with the public beta version of the mobile discussions template produced by the Template Experience team and available via this technote, along with an accompanying technical whitepaper. In producing this template over the past few months we were able to identify several areas where some changes in Domino Designer... Continue Reading →

Next Up: Beta & Whitepaper

Next week at Engage in Arnhem, NL, we will be showing the template and we hope to make it available soon as a beta work in progress along with the technical documentation. The template will continue to be developed as work on Domino Designer v12 and Nomad continues, but this is our first functionally complete... Continue Reading →

Framesets and Sequencing

Let's talk about a new feature designed for Nomad and shipped with Domino Designer v11, called sequencing of frames. At the bottom of this blog is a brief 6-question survey on their behalf. What is sequencing? Well, on a phone we have much less real estate to work with so having a frameset which looks... Continue Reading →

What Next?

As you can see from the previous post on this blog, it's been a couple of months of silence. We haven't been still though. We knew there were design changes in v11 that we were waiting for and that shipped on December 20th so we took the opportunity in November and December to do some... Continue Reading →

Update & What’s Next

Last week I presented our discussions template on a HCL webcast. You can see a replay of the webcast including a demonstration of the template on the cwp collaboration blog here . There is also a FAQ with answers to the questions that came up during the call. We are currently working on documentation and... Continue Reading →

Helpful and Tracking Icons

Working on mobile phone presents a particular challenge in that we don't have room to convey in words all the options so we need to use clear icons that are understandable. In the mobile discussion template we are introducing two new concepts, those of "helpful" and "tracking" Helpful is a flag on a document where... Continue Reading →

View Icon Behaviour - Survey

One of the ideas we are discussing - this refers to mobile phone (currently iPhone) only is making it simple for you to toggle between views. Bear in mind the screenshots below are wireframes not designs so the images, colours and layout are placeholders. For example say we have three views all documentsfavourites (things I... Continue Reading →

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